Add Some Glitz to Your Life with Sara Shakeel’s Collages

Award-winning Pakistani artist Sara Shakeel never dreamed of having a blossoming career as a collage artist. In fact, she started off as a business student. She later left business school to pursue her long-life dream of being a dentist. But things didn’t work out as she planned and failing to graduate she was left with nothing but her creativity and an Instagram account.

Luckily, her unique collage art, that’s bright, sparkly, and shiny, caught the eyes of thousands, and with followers like Sarah Jessica Parker and Miley Cyrus, her Instagram page quickly blew up. β€œMy art is either a story I want to live for myself, something I have witnessed or a life I want to live, emotions play a major part in my work,” she writes on her website. “I am in a habit of giving my heart to any piece I create.”

And so, even without a formal art education, Shakeel has managed to capture the attention of fans and brands alike, collaborating with giants like Barneys’ New York, Huda Beauty, and Nike. Crowned by Forbes as the “Original Crystal Artist” prepare to see more of this young creative, if you haven’t already.

In the meanwhile, take a look at some of her sparkly creations.