Airbnb Host’s Cat Takes Guests on Guided Hikes

X (former Twitter) user Sebastian S. Cocioba recently shared a story with his followers about an amazing AirBnB experience in Philipstown, New York, which came with a guided hike by a cat.

According to Cocioba, the Airbnb host’s cat took them on a guided hike along the Appalachian Trail. He posted several photos from the adventure while noting that the feline does that with every guest that rents that particular AirBnB.

“She would complain when we took a wrong turn off the trail and knew the way back, “Cocioba wrote while adding that the cat even “judged” them at times for being too slow.

Cocioba’s post has been viewed 1.7 million times since it was posted in early March. It prompted a number of social media users to enquire about the location of the Airbnb unit, with one stating that they would travel there just to get a guided hike from the cat.

“Well now I want to know what air bnb this is because I would 100% take a trip just to hike with this cat,” wrote one user.

Backpacker magazine later reached out to the host, an herbalist and ethnobotanist Trisha Mulligan, to learn more about the four-legged hike guide. According to Mulligan, the cat is called Cinamen and has been adopted as a kitten eight years ago.

Cinamen has been hiking the Appalachian trail with Mulligan and her family for years, making her more than capable hike guide. Apparently, she became so popular among Mulligan’s guests that many of them returned just so they could have another adventure with the cat.

If you are thinking about getting a guided hike by Cinamen, note that it isn’t guaranteed that she’ll be in the mood to go up and down the trail. However, Mulligan adds that “overall, your chances are pretty good.”