Alexandra Lucas Weaves Snack Packages

You may love snacks, but probably not as much as Alexandra Lucas. This textile artist loves chips, crisps, and puffs so much that she is making weaving art inspired by their packages.

Lucas’ “CRISPS” series contains wall hangings, bags, and rugs dedicated to the most popular snack brands like Pringles, Cheetos, Doritos, and various others.

“Eating crisps is a pastime that connects us all,” she explains. “In fact, consuming a simple packet of crisps is so delicious and addictive, that we’re all quite opinionated about which crisp brand is our favorite.”

While creating the works from the “CRISPS” series, Lucas embraces the imperfections like hanging threads or warped lettering. According to her, this gives her works more character compared to clean originals.

The artist weaves snack packages with a combination of cotton warps, linen, and rug yarn. She uses backstrap weaving, which is an ancient technique of weaving used commonly in South America. This method requires the warp to be attached on one end to a weaver while the other end is attached to a tree or some other solid object.

Lucas will present “CRISPS” in their entirety in late November when her works will be available for purchase. In the meantime, continue scrolling to check out more of the designs she has revealed so far.