Alia Bright Twists and Curls Paper With Exciting Results

Paper artist Alia Bright takes the ancient craft of quilling and turns it on its head. Known also as paper filigree, quilling is a paper crafting technique that involves rolling, shaping, and gluing together colorful strips of paper. They can serve as decorations on anything from jewelry to greeting cards.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Bright was originally trained in illustration, fine art, and graphic design. Relying on her varied artistic background, her quilling techniques are used to recreate pop culture icons and typography art. Each piece is made from paper with different weights and stocks often used in combination. Every strip of paper is first cut to fit, curled and twisted individually by hand, and carefully assembled into intricate shapes.

Adding a modern twist to the traditional craft, she says: “I feel a piece is successful when I achieve this, which requires a lot of restraint. I try to maintain the right level of stylistic simplicity while still creating visual interest through color, pattern, and shadows.”

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