Allison Filice Illustrates Surreal, Psychedelic Landscapes

Allison Filice’s illustrations are fresh, colorful, and inviting – an exploration of both inner and outer worlds. Employing bold line work and bright color choices, Filice creates surreal landscapes, leaning towards the psychedelic, but ones that have a friendly appeal to them.

Her inspiration comes from surreal, psychedelic, and science fiction style art, especially work by Moebius, Milton Glaser, and Salvador Dali. “I’m also really inspired by nature, music, and architecture,” she further related in an interview with Ballpitmag. “I try to go for daily walks in the park while listening to music and just let my intuition go. I’ll usually come back home feeling refreshed and inspired.”

Based in San Francisco, Filice’s background is actually in graphic and user experience design, while her illustrations are mostly editorial, with more personal work on the side. According to Filice, it’s her personal work that drives her ideas forward and help her grow.

“My work is about bringing a friendly face to the unknown, and to help people explore the depths within themselves and the universe,” she reflects. “I just want people to realize that life is more than running errands and going to work, that there’s magic in the space between everything.”

Step inside her magical landscapes.