Alycia Rainaud’s Digital Art Is Utterly Mesmerizing

Graphic designer and digital artist Alycia Rainaud (aka Maalavidaa), is known for her highly saturated yet dark aesthetic, creating surreal landscapes of oozing color that swirls about. Based in Paris, Rainaud graduated in June 2018 with a Master’s Degree in Graphic Design and has recently started working as an independent director.

Inspired by Jungian therapy and creative exercises, Maalavidaa provides Rainaud a way of self-expression. “My work has always been influenced by publishing design, hybrid books, new technologies, psychology, digital art, visual effects, and experiments,” she relayed in an interview with Murze. “I started studying graphic design more than seven years ago and finally graduated this past June by working on my thesis where I tried to link books to psyche. In the meantime, I started to work as a digital artist more than two years ago, in 2016. Creating Malavida was a way for me to express myself through different media and daily creative work but in a more abstract level.”

“I’ve always been interested and inspired by art in general,” she notes. “I always remember going to all the museums when I was a child and being mesmerized. When I was younger I used to be really focused on dark analog photography but also a lot about abstract art in general. I guess that’s why my works try to bring both of them together.”

Alongside her print-oriented background, she is also experienced with branding, motion design, programming, UI/UX, textile design, laser cutting, 3D printing, offset/screenprinting, cultural mediation and global art direction. And with almost 170k followers on Instagram, she clearly knows what she’s doing.