Amazing Light Installations By Javier Riera

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The work of Spanish artist Javier Riera is based in geometric shaped light projections that hit directly onto vegetation and landscapes.

He designs and photographs light projections that perfectly match a particular natural scenery. The geometric forms are used to expose the hidden dimensions or energies embedded in our environment.

“The relation between geometry and nature in this work adquires a meditative character, appealing for a coexistence between the public and the suggestive power of the modification of the landscape of which it is being witness, that aspires to expand its perception by reaching out towards qualities and dimensions that are hidden from the spaces in which it occurs,” according to his website.

He hopes that through his artwork, the viewers can greatly appreciate the multitude of layers that compose our mother nature. Part of his process includes researching the landscapes history to create an original pattern or structure for the projection. The visual aspect of the location is also as important to be able for his work to connect the nature and the audience.

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