Amy Blackwell’s Paintings Begin With a Color Story

Amy Blackwell’s paintings and illustrations revolve around color. “I source a lot of my inspiration from colors that are around me,” she shared with Notts Made. “I didn’t realise until recently, actually, that a lot of them are seasonal, which kinda makes sense. You soak up what’s going on around you in the shops, in fashion, just in the streets, in the world.” While spring summons lots of fresh colors, summer means colors are a bit richer and more vibrant. Come winter, things tone down again and, in her own words, “you get that nice circle.”

“I definitely start off with a color idea where I’m like ‘I really want to see these colors together,” she explained, “and then my brain starts trying to piece together a picture with that will work.” But whatever the color story is, the results are equally stunning. Focused mainly on portraits of women, as well as the natural world, Blackwell is continuously inspired by history, fashion, and folklore.

Based in the midlands, she works from a small studio space at backlit in Nottingham, and with more than 106k followers on Instagram, her colorful illustrations seem to have a positive impact. Take a look for yourself!