Anjelica Roselyn Dariah’s Illustrations are Always in Fashion

Award-winning fashion illustrator, Anjelica Roselyn Dariah, is known for her dazzling sense of style, both on and off paper. Born in Washington DC, and raised in England, she’s currently based in London where she also attended the London College of Fashion. With a BA in Fashion Design Technology: Womenswear, during which she interned at labels such as Marc Jacobs and Ryan Lo., Dariah’s rise to prominence was relatively quick.

“I’ve been drawing since I was 5,” she shared with Skinnydip London, “even throughout my life with school and other jobs I’ve had I have always been drawing. After my design degree at LCF I decided to do it on more of a full time basis. Illustration is my first love,” she stressed.

Her clients these days include brands and publications as big as VOGUE Greece, Christian Dior, The New York Times, and ELLE Magazine UK, and she’s snatched the first prize in Harper’s Bazaar x Caran D’Ache Fashion Illustration competition in 2019. To top it all, ELLE Magazine Greece recognized Dariah as one of their Favourite Fashion Illustrators. “This talented girl from England can combine bold colors with feminist references,” wrote “She describes her style as ‘free, funny and colorful’. We would add ‘strangely intimate with a precious sense of street style atmosphere'”. 

“Creativity is living your best life,” says Dariah. “Being happy and free to express yourself and make your mark on the world.” Her bold, colorful, feminine, and most importantly – fashionable – illustrations, might inspire not only your creativity but also your fashion choices.