Annada Menon Drew a Different Robot Each Day for a Month

People have been fascinated with robots for who knows how long. Some incorporated them in novels, others drew them, while some tried to make them. And although the robots are almost always imagined as highly-functioning machines with some human qualities, the reality is a lot different.

Despite the impressive technological progress that we made, robots are still very limited in what they can do. So far, no one has been able to truly bring fiction to reality and build a robot that can talk, move, or do other things inherent to humans.

Still, this didn’t stop illustrator Annada Menon from getting creative and dedicating an entire month of work to robots. She decided to give herself a challenge that would see her draw a different robot each day.

According to Menon, she occasionally does similar challenges, and this time she wanted to get out of her comfort zone. Not being great with drawing machines, she figured robots would be a great way to check all the boxes.

“My approach for the series was to make the robots cute and friendly,” said Menon about her works.

The challenge was a success, and she managed to come up with some beautiful and intriguing designs.  One of them even won an award at the annual “MARCH of ROBOTS” competition organized by influential illustrator DaCosta Bayley.

Check out some of our favorite robots from the series below.