Architecture-Inspired Illustrations by Maaike Canne

Maaike Canne uses illustration to express her love for architecture and urbanism. She lives in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and shares her beautiful illustrations on Instagram with nearly 6,000 followers. Her interests include modernist and mid-century buildings and the Bauhaus movement. One of her favorite countries and a big source of inspiration is Japan, probably because it’s so different from her birthplace.

“It has such a rich history which flows through all aspects of Japanese life,” she told Creative Boom. “I love their eye for detail and refinement which is reflected in everything, from food to habits. I love how technology and traditional culture coexistent. How you can find a Shinto shrine behind a skyscraper with neon signs.”

Canne learned from her grandma and possibly inherited her artistic talent from her. Her grandma was a painter and Canne used to love following her around her studio when she was a kid.  

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