Ariana Heinzman Creates Colorful and Quirky Clay Vessels

Ariana Heinzman is a Vashon Island, Washington-based artist who creates clay pieces that are part vessels and part ceramic sculptures. Thanks to their colorful and quirky designs, her creations can serve as a flower vase but also as standalone decorative artwork.

A big reason why Heinzman’s clay vessels are so great is that the artist doesn’t strive for perfection according to her own admittance. She allows her intuition to take the driver’s seat during the process of creating a piece, resulting in one-of-a-kind creations.

Describing her work, Heinzman says it’s meant to “represent the duality of the desire to escape and succumb to nature and the desire to control nature and to be drawn into human civilization.” Her designs are based on the imagery found in nature and borrow patterns from leaves, flowers, and fruit. This is why it isn’t surprising that colors play an important part in the artist’s creative process.

“I use vibrant colors like a bird of paradise would, or perhaps a flower, or a juicy fruit; as an invitation to pick up what I am putting down, to cross-pollinate, to take a bite, etc.,” she explains.

You can check out more of Heinzman’s unique works below.