Artist Creates Adorable Illustrations of Pets with Confessions

Every pet owner has tried to talk with their furry friend at least once and secretly hoped they could talk back. And we can’t blame them. It would be so cool to chat with your pet and find out what they really think about humans.

Unfortunately, it’s a long shot that we will be able to communicate on that level with animals anytime soon. But that shouldn’t stop us from dreaming and enjoying the works of Christopher Rozzi.

Rozzi is an artist who creates adorable illustrations of pets sharing their deepest secrets. The confessions of dogs and cats in his witty artworks are meant to be amusing but could also be highly plausible. For example, we all sometimes noticed a cat giving us a funny look and figured she was probably thinking about how we took her favorite spot on the sofa.

According to Rozzi, his dog Willie deserves a lot of credit for the Tiny Confessions project. While the two were taking a walk one day, Rozzi wondered what Willie might be thinking at that moment.

“I decided that ‘confessions’ were a funny and specific way to approach it,” he explains in an interview with Go Comics. “I also have a deep affection for all animals, which motivates me to give them a voice, albeit a comedic one.”

Since launching, Tiny Confessions has been quite successful and outgrew its initial illustration format. Nowadays, the Tiny Confessions brand includes books, calendars, prints, merchandise, and much more. Still, Rizzo regularly shares his newest creations on social media, where the project was born. Check out more of them below.