Artist Creates Flowers Dolls That Will Surely Brighten Up Your Day

Flower Dolls are adorable crocheted toys created by Rotterdam-based designer Bas den Braver, aka Zabbez.

Aptly called as the Happy Flower Friends, these toys are sweet and colorful and love to be your friend.

“With yarn and love they bloom forever and you do not need to water them. Flower friends are fun to crochet and they bring a little happiness in your life,” according to the official website.

Zabbez makes cute dolls that resemble characters from fantasy stories and animated movies. His creations are inspired by nature, plants and flowers.

“To balance my urban city life I have painted the walls of my apartment green and surrounded myself with lots of house plants. Here my flower dolls come to life. Doing crochet and designing new patterns make me happy. I love creating a flower fantasy world. They show all the colors of the rainbow, and you do not need to water them. I am sure they will bring you happiness!” Zabbez said on his website.