Artist Recreates Iconic Paintings By Inserting Pop Culture Characters

Digital artist Andrea Tamme, aka Lothlelan, loves pop culture and art history. She found clever way to combine her two interests by recreating iconic paintings with pop culture characters as subjects.

Lothlelan’s illustrations not only gave an exciting twist to the traditional art but also provides creative opportunity for the younger ones to have a better understanding of the masterpieces from history.

‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ (1665) by Dutch artist Johannes Vermeer was replaced by Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros. Edvard Munch’s The Scream (1893) was recreated with Rick and Morty characters, while ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’(1750) by English painter Thomas Gainsborough was altered by inserting Lemongrab and company. Scroll down to see more of his creations.