Artist Recreates Street Signs As Fun Symbols

Traffic signs or street signs are symbols erected at the side of or above roads to provide instructions and information to road users and drivers. To make these signs less boring and more appealing, French artist Clet Abraham decided to add funny twists that completely change the meaning of the road signs we see every day.

This “guerrilla”act of art is just one of his creative ways to make the world around him a colorful place to live. The artist uses easily removable adhesive to keep the original signs but when he puts the specially designed stickers on his street canvases, it brought new perspective, making the signs more entertaining.

Abraham’s street signs are based in an idea of “artistic lecture” to the contradictions of Florence, though he said that he doesn’t come from the tradition of street art. This may be a reason why he have to collaborate with authorities before he alters the road signs. Check out to see his latest creations below.