Artist Reimagines Characters From Famous Paintings As Modern-Day Instagrammers

@ditovontease / Instagram

Classicool is a project of Italian digital artist Dito Von Tease, where “the subjects of the paintings abandon their classical pose by literally taking the canvas to paint themselves,” he wrote on Facebook.

In the past, portraits were rendered only by painters commissioned by rich people to celebrate their wealth and power. But today, anyone can take a photo of themselves by using only their smartphones. It’s so common and popular that the term, “selfie,” has emerged.

“Taking selfies is a social and aesthetic practice facilitated by the democratization of photography and increasingly accessible technological tools. The selfie phenomenon is not only linked to narcissism of post-modern society, but also to technological availability,” the artist shared.

In his latest project, you can see Vincent van Gogh, Mona Lisa, the Girl with the Pearl Earring, and many historical figures, posed in side angles with “selfie arms” that extend beyond the frame. Each photo looks realistic that they really look like modern-day Instagrammers.