Balloon Destruction Devices by Jan Hakon Erichsen Are Unnecessary, But Fun

We can only imagine that Jan Hakon Erichsen is not a favorite guest at birthday parties. After all, this is the guy that came up with hundreds of bizarre ideas for destructing balloons. But given his popularity, he can easily start throwing “balloon destroying” parties and hope to have thousands of people come to see him live.

Oslo-based “visual artist and balloon destroyer,” as his Instagram description reads, says that “you should really, really, not try this at home.” And why would you, when you have hundreds of posts of him destroying balloons with home-made devices you can see on his Instagram page. At least give it a chance, because half a million people aren’t there for nothing.

In a statement he shared, Erichsen said that he “works within a variety of media focusing on topics like fear, anger and frustration.” Aside from balloon-destroying videos, his social media pages are full of many interesting DIY projects. But you’re here for the balloons, so scroll down and have fun!

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Two minutes of balloon destruction

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