Birgitt Olislagers Captures the Fleeting Beauty In Nature

It was during her studies at Amsterdam Fashion Institute, that Birgitt Olislagers discovered a passion for textile, illustration, and art in general. That passion would later blossom and take the shape of a small design brand. Based in Maastricht, the Netherlands, her studio makes illustrations and handmade interior accessories sold through her online shop.

Amongst her more unique creation are botanical hoops featuring plants and flowers. Printed on textile and framed in a wooden hoop these watercolor illustrations promise to bring a soft and natural touch to your home. “We at Olislagers have a passion for art and are inspired by nature,” reads her website. “Plants bring a room to life in a way that nothing else can. But let’s be honest, these living creatures need space, light, water and lots of love. With this new collection, we offer everyone the possibility to create an urban jungle however big or small.”

With most of her illustrations centered around the natural world, Olislagers is clearly drawn to the outdoors. Nature also provides her with endless inspiration. “With the coming and going of seasons, there is always something to discover,” she writes. “Whether it’s small like a flower in bloom or big as the ever-changing lights and colors in the sky, all you have to do is take a step back, really look around you and find that there is beauty everywhere.”

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