Britney Tokyo’s Nail Art is Wonderfully Outlandish

Britney Tokyo’s nail art compliments her flamboyant personality. Not one to shy away from making a fashion statement, her style is a fusion of Japanese and American styles, attracting clients as big as the Kardashian clan, Rita Ora, and Ariana Grande. A former actress and TV personality herself, her nail career took off thanks to SNS, the Japanese Social Networking Service.

“Even now, I receive most of my business inquiries through my Instagram,” admitted Tokyo in an interview with Racked. Born in Tokyo and currently residing in LA, she’s continuously inspired by fashion, music, and art, with her nail art being a colorful mishmash of sorts.

“I’ve always been surrounded by art, and loved to draw since I was a little girl,” says Tokyo. “I went to nail school, but it’s only been like three years since I’ve really sunk into the nails world. I started during the same time that nail art started to become a thing. I’ve always been lucky with timing for a lot of things, so I’m very thankful.”

Working for and with the best of the best, Tokyo has a nonchalant, down to earth approach when it comes to her celebrity clientele. “I usually never get nervous for any celebrities I do nails for,” she admits. “I am a freelance nailist, without residing in an agency, so usually the celebrities contact me directly. Since they already know my work that makes it easier for me to work on them.”

Fashionistas take note!