Ceramic Artist Created 100 Beautiful Clay Bottles in 100 Days

Image by @annawhitehouseceramics / Instagram

Anna Whitehouse is a talented ceramic artist based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. She welcomes 2018 with a project called #100bottles100days, in which she makes “1 bottle a day for 100 days.”

By limiting herself to a uniform shape, Whitehouse was able to widen her artistic imagination to explore new designs and patterns. Each white vessel was evenly formed, but the designs on the surface were different each day.

“I tried pressing and scraping any tool I could get my hands on into the clay. From my standard clay tools to pen lids, tweezers, scissors and even a string of beads! I also started making my own tools from bits of broken pen, wire and aluminium to create particular marks,” she wrote on her website.

“For me, creating the 100 bottles was like sketching in clay. I’ve kept the work unglazed, like white pages from a sketchbook, highlighting the mark making through the contrast created by shadows.”

After finishing the project, the UK-based artist created a “Clay Calendar,” featuring all the bottles she made from January 1 up to April 10, including the names of each piece which are based on something that happened on the day they were made.