Check Out These Amazing Murals By Hera

Jasmin Siddiqui, aka Hera, is a German-born artist with many talents. She is a poet, illustrator, and graffiti artist, but most people know her for her amazing murals that can be seen on buildings and walls of a number of cities in Europe and other parts of the world.

Hera’s murals are mainly focused on humans, their place in the world, and how they deal with social injustice and political dilemmas.

Being the daughter of a Pakistani immigrant, Hera is also drawn to the subjects of immigration, movement, and search for a better life. Just recently, she created a piece on this subject called “We all are Birds of Migration. Some With Feathers, Some Without,” in Stavanger, Norway, for the Nuart festival.

“We all exist today because our ancestors at some point either freely migrated to greener pastures, more fertile grounds, greater resources, and safer living conditions, or were forcibly moved from one place to another at some point at some point in history,” said Hera about the work. “… My mural is a tribute to those travellers, nomads, explorers, survivors.”

If you don’t happen to have a chance to check out Hera’s murals in person, scroll below to see them through the magic of social media.