Check Out These Incredible Human-Bird Hybrid Characters

Bay-Area artist Calvin Ma explores his personal experience with social anxiety by creating sculptures. Ma’s detailed sculpting and texturing techniques can be seen in most of his artworks.

He creates playful characters that are rooted in childhood innocence and imagination. “I believe the tactile activity of playing with them coupled with my active imagination helped establish this passion for the action figure early on. There was something about picking up your favorite hero or villain and creating stories and adventures that captivated me. It felt only natural to tap into this childlike sense of exploration and storytelling through my artwork,” he shared on his website.

His “Homebodies” works feature superheroes or action-type figures with house-like structures complete with doors, windows, and chimneys. As for his “Blend In” works, they feature human-bird hybrid characters with the avian elements as suits of armor protecting the person from their surroundings. Exquisite feathers cover the surface of each sculpture, from the bird headdresses to the body of the humanoid figure.

His upcoming exhibition will take place from July 28 to September 3, 2019, at Sherrie Gallerie in Columbus, Ohio, alongside Erika Sanada.