Check out These Stunning Mythology-Inspired Murals by MonkeyBird

Do you like mythology, alchemy, symbolism, and similar themes? Well, then you will enjoy the art from French street art duo MonkeyBird.

These two anonymous artists from Bordeaux have been capturing the attention of the street art world recently thanks to the stunning large-scale murals they have been painting across Europe.

Usually painted in black, white, and gold, their artworks depict mythological creatures and alchemy motifs while also being rich in details from the past like timekeeping devices, classical architecture, and much more. The recurring figure in their works is monkey and bird humanoid that represents “the two faces of humankind; the monkey being the realist, and the bird being a dreamer.”

Besides their native France, MonkeyBird has also done murals in Spain, Switzerland, Moscow, and many other European countries.

Check them out below.