Couple Starts Instagram Account To Raise Awareness to Chronic Illnesses

People usually don’t understand those who are suffering from some kind of chronic illness, unless they find themselves in that situation. That’s why Justin Cypres and Sarah Gausepohl began sharing images where they pose with a board in their hands stating important and informative statements about chronic illnesses.

They started an Instagram account named Chronic Illness Advocates to bring awareness about their mental and physical health.

“I felt that there was a lack of awareness and positive/educational posts in the social media arena. I thought that I couldn’t be the only one feeling how I felt so I decided to start posting messages about how I felt on any given day,” Cypres told in an interview for Bored Panda.

They shared close to 300 photographs and have more than 115,000 followers.

“Dear Healthy People, just because someone doesn’t work or they stay at home due to their illness doesn’t make it a vacation. Shout out to all of those who have or are currently going through hell, but are still kind and loving towards others. Old Person: ‘You’re too young to be tired all the time.’ Me: Well, Carol, you’re too old to be alive, but here we are.” These are just some of the messages the couple displays on their social media.

Scroll down and check them out.