Daniel Popper Creates Spectacular Large-Scale Sculptures and Installations

Daniel Popper is a South African artist known for his large-scale sculptures and installations. Popper creates spectacular pieces inspired by the connection between nature and humans.

Popper’s sculptures and installations, often showing fantasy creatures with human features and incorporating plants, have been exhibited in public spaces and art festivals around the world. His works are also a frequent feature at music festivals, where they are incorporated into stage designs or serve as a place for people to relax and take a breather. 

According to Popper, his sculptures and art installations are not just objects of admiration and observation but also places where people can engage and connect with each other.

“The pieces I create are often places for people to engage, connect and share experiences, sometimes internally with themselves and sometimes with each other,” Popper shared in an interview with Stir World magazine. “I have had many people write to me to say they have proposed to their partner, or had deep spiritual connections with themselves. This is very inspiring feedback for me which makes me want to continue to do it.”

You can check out more of Popper’s impressive creations on his website and social media or by scrolling below.