Danielle Clough Makes Awesome Paintings With Threads

Looking from afar, the works of Cape Town-born artist Danielle Clough looks like paintings made by using an unusual painting style. But when you get closer, you realize that it’s not the paint you see on the canvas but colorful threads.

Clough is a talented individual who works in several media including photography, visual arts, and design. However, she might be best known for her intricate embroidery work that became a big hit on social media in recent times.

This talented artist uses threads and needles to create colorful portraits of various subjects, including animals and pop culture characters. She approaches each of her artwork with a black and white image as a starting point.

Clough then transfers the image to canvas using the colors she feels are best suited for the subject. This results in vibrant and eye-catching pieces that you’ll immediately want to own.

Check out some of these unusual works below.