Derrick Lin Creates Miniature Scenes of Destinations He Wants to Visit

There are plenty of ways to visit far destinations, and they don’t have to include actual travel to be exciting. For example, artist Derrick Lin visits popular tourist places and famous landmarks with his miniature art.

Lin first got into miniature art, wanting to capture everyday scenes and moments from his life. However, during the pandemic, when traveling was almost impossible, he decided to also start creating scenes that feature destinations he would visit and tourist attractions he would like to see one day.

Despite being done in miniature format, Lin’s works perfectly capture the vibe of the place and serve as an inspiration for wanderlust.

So far, Lin’s miniature art has taken him to New York City, where he “visited” Soho and Flatiron Building; Greece, where he bathed under the sun of Santorini; and Japan, where he explored Tokyo, Kyoto, and Itsukushima.

Lin managed to personally experience some of the destinations featured in his works, but that only encouraged him to keep on creating and adding places and landmarks to his “bucket list.” The artist frequently shares his newest works on social media while also making their prints available for purchase through society6. Check out more of them below.