Designer Transforms Basketballs Into Stylish Bags and Purses

Andrea Bergart combined her background in fine art and passion for basketball in creating fashionable handbags and purses. Her work “draws a lot of inspiration from streetwear and sports. I make art based on a lot of fashion street patterns and my experience playing sports growing up being an athlete.”

Bergart herself is a member of an all-female Downtown Girls Basketball team, based in Chinatown, Manhattan. It was through this team that the New York-based artist was associated with the factory to produce her bags. But her experience in assisting painter Chris Martin led her to her interest of making a handbag. She created these bags from youth-sized basketballs and her line also includes limited edition of soccer ball, volleyball and football designs.

She launched the basketball handbags in May 2017. Since then, her products became very popular all over the world with some WNBA All-Stars joining the list of these sporty accessories, which are made-to-order in New York.

Check out he latest designs below.

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