Digital Artist Yulia Pidlubnyak Reimagines Iconic Paintings in the 3D World

Iconic paintings like Van Gogh’s “Cafe Terrace At Night” or Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” have always served as a source of inspiration for later generations in one way or another. Some artists would try to copy these artworks, others would mimic the style, while artists like Yulia Pidlubnyak reimagine the paintings in a completely different form that provides us with a new way to experience them.

For her most recent project, Pidlubnyak decided to pick out several iconic paintings and reimagine them in the 3D world. She opted to focus entirely on the architecture and the surroundings of the artworks while setting other subjects free. By doing this, she was able to show details that are easily missed at first glance.

Despite her focus being on the scenery, Pidlubnyak doesn’t shy away from taking on paintings that have people as their main subjects like Grand Wood’s “American Gothic” or Edward Hopper’s “Chop Suey”. These artworks suffered significant changes while transforming into a 3D world as a result but still managed to remain captivating.

“Out of these paintings I reimagined, my personal favorite is Chop Suey by Edward Hopper,” Pidlubnyak shared. “I think that one turned out well, capturing the light and the mood. Also, the composition of the image without the people works well.”

As you might imagine, creating these works is a challenging and time-consuming job. According to Pidlubnyak, it took her between 10 and 20 hours to finish just one painting. Still, it was worth it as her works impress with their fresh approach and a stunning level of detail. Check out more of them below.