Dutch Photographer Captures Vietnam’s Street Vendors In Motion

Dutch photographer Loes Heerink became interested with the colorful sights and sounds of Vietnam’s street vendors when she relocated some years ago.

The fascination developed into a project that ultimately became a book called Merchants in Motion: The Art of Vietnam’s Street Vendors.

The book features Hanoi’s street vendors from a unique vantage point, capturing the beauty of the subject from above. Every day, thousands of vendors make the trip from the countryside to the city to sell fruits, flowers, food and many more.

The goods are carefully displayed in baskets and balancing these on their bicycles, the vendors walk the streets of Hanoi to find customers.

“The series started because I wanted to capture an image of a street vendor without the distraction of the big city,“ Heerink shared. “I decided to get higher up for another vantage point. Eventually, I spent more than a hundred times on bridges in Hanoi, getting a perfect glimpse into the life of Vietnamese street vendors.”