Eating These Lollipops Can Help Save the Planet

Image by @amborellaorganics / Instagram

“Eat, Plant, Love” – this is the mantra of Amborella Organics, a small company that creates organic lollipops with natural flavors. The candies include edible seeds with edible herbs and flowers giving a natural flavoring. The lollies have seeds inside which can grow different types of plants.

The process is simple, after you finish eating the candy, you plant the seed in your own home, water it every day and soon you will have your own plant. Various flavours will grow different plants such as peach and marigold will grow marigold, sage and marshmallow will yield sage plant.

“a seed-bearing lollipops is about forming a relationship with nature and sharing this experience with those you love. We believe nature is the greatest medicine and most enlightened teacher,” their website reads. Check out their remarkable lollies below.




So proud to be sold with @mountainroseherbs in Oregon.

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LOVE #seedbearinglollipop

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Strawberry & Basil! Grow basil. Who’s tried it? 🍓 #growbasil @photobyhmc

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