Emma Taylor Turns Secondhand Books Into Captivating Paper Sculptures

British artist Emma Taylor uses the pages of secondhand books to create captivating paper sculptures. The sculptures are kept as part of the book and are inspired by their contents.

For example, a sculpture made out of pages of Odhams New Illustrated Atlas of the World shows a paper ship sailing the paper sea. On the other hand, Eric de Maré’s book Wren’s London, which tells the story of the rebuilding of London after the Great Fire of 1666, was turned into a paper sculpture of St. Paul’s Cathedral.

According to Taylor, she spends hours exploring antique shops, market stalls with used books, and online shops to find the right material for her sculptures. She prefers old books and usually opts for those published in the first half of the 20th century.

“I instantly know the right book, as I can picture the sculpture as if it has been laying dormant, just waiting to be given form,” she shared in a recent interview with Colossal.

Taylor’s works have been exhibited at various galleries in the UK and several international art fairs. The artist also shares all of her new works on social media. Continue scrolling to check out more of them below.