Forest Magic Comes Alive Through Vuvu Ceramics’ Botanical Creations

It’s been 30 years since Deana Coveney fell in love with clay, and nature has always been her biggest driving force. She’s the mastermind behind Vuvu Ceramics, who specializes in making nature-inspired botanical art that will bring forest magic to your fingertips.

Coveney is a ceramic artist based in Encinitas, California, and she’s been working with clay for over three decades. She fell in love with it because she sees it as an expressive and personal medium, and all her pieces are made with no molds, no apprentices, and no mass production methods, entirely by hand.

“Each work captures a small world and is meant to bring joy and light to your home. I love creating ceramic art, and my wish is for it to make you happy from the moment you open the package and to fill you with joy every time you see it,” she explains on her official website.

Nature is Coveney’s biggest source of inspiration, and she’s on the quest to bring forest magic to life through her art. She sees magic in every leaf and flower and often presses them against clay to make unique ceramic pieces. Coveney also wants her creations to have a storybook aesthetic, and her figurines are often adorned with foxes, owls, and other woodland creatures.