Gorgeous Tiny Paper Plants By Tania Lissova

Tania Lissova, a paper artist from Russia, found a unique and beautiful way to express her creativity. She makes tiny paper plants and flower bouquets using small pieces of paper that she carefully cuts and shapes, then glues together into wonderful little paper sculptures. Lissova’s art brought her almost 400,000 Instagram followers and you can follow her, too, if you’d like to see more of her work.

Lissova was an architecture and art student when she explored other artists’ work trying to find inspiration for her own work. She finally found paper art to be something she enjoys the most and she turned it from a hobby into a full-time job over time.

During a Q&A session on her Instagram page, a follower asked Lissova about the secret of her continuous creativity. She replied: “There’s no secret. I just love what I do. It motivates me to keep creating.”

Would you try to make something like this? We’re sure it’s much more difficult than it looks. Scroll down to see our selection of her works. Find more on her Instagram page!