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This is our star patient of the week. Meet Lady Hermione, who was spayed in order to remove her cystic ovaries. Hermione is 4 years old and started showing signs of hair loss. She also had two rather large masses in her abdomen. After an ultrasound the vet confirmed her ovaries were indeed cystic, the only option left was to spay; removing the ovaries and the womb. Here is Hermoine on recovery enjoying a dandelion leaf before her owners came to pick her up. Hermione was a great patient to take care of. Excellent care and great team work nursed her back to recovery 👍🏼#guineapig #guineapigsurgery #crownvetsfortwilliam #greatcare #teamwork #whatvnsdo #guineapigsofinstagram #cysticovaries #vets #exoticsurgery #smallfuries #squeaksqueak #dandelionleaveshelp

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