Hazel Zakariya Rediscovered Her Love of Drawing Through a Smoothie Bowl

New Zealand-based foodie, Hazel Zakariya, found creative inspiration in the form of a smoothie. “I’ve rediscovered my love for painting and drawing,” she remarked in an interview with Martha Stewart, “and it’s great to create art that is edible and tasty too. My husband and I share them as a treat.”

According to Zakariya, she was inspired to create her smoothie artworks after messing up the topping on a bowl of butternut squash soup. When her swirls didn’t come out properly, she turned them into a tree and continued experimenting from there. 

A market analyst by day, she tends to her food creations on her time off. But unlike regular painting, her food art doesn’t require any brushes, just wooden skewers, and a table knife. While the smoothies are made of cream, milk, fruits, and berries, the drawings are painted with coconut cream, almond milk, spices, herbs, and vegetable powders. The result is both playful and tasty.

Her smoothie paintings include renditions of pop culture icons as well as animals and cartoons. “It’s become a fun platform for me to express and challenge myself creatively,” says Zakariya. “Personally, it’s also a great mindfulness practice. And smoothies are a good way to enjoy more fruits and vegetables.”