Hsinping Pan is All About Having Fun

Taiwan-based illustrator and animator Hsinping Pan is known for her naive style of illustration, a style that appeals to both children and adults. A master of her craft, Pan’s work can be seen in anything from book covers and children’s books to commercials, movies, and music videos, with selected clients including giants like Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Disney.

“I think my style is playful, colorful and imaginative,” she reflected in an interview with Flow Magazine. “A typical Hsinping Pan-illustration features bright colors and fun characters. I also love geometric shapes, and really like to add a face on the objects.”

“People often tell me they feel happy when they see my drawings,” she went on to say, “and that’s exactly what I hope to achieve when creating my work. I always want to make something beautiful and tell a little story; if people feel connected to my work, that makes me happy.”

Having received her Master’s degree at the University of Southern California in Animation and Digital Arts, Pan’s films have been played at festivals worldwide and received the first prize at Taiwan’s international animation festival. Her illustrations haven’t gone unnoticed as well, having won the bronze prize of 3×3 Magazine.

“Drawing is a way to express and entertain myself,” stressed Pan. “So, when I don’t have any commissioned projects, I work on my own projects, because drawing is so much fun.” They’re also fun to consume!