Incredible Architecture Photos By Roger Holmen

Norwegian photographer Roger Holmen’s latest series called “Seduced by the light,” is all about architecture. He wanted to create a unique image that separates his style from traditional architectural photography.

“What recognizes my architecture photos is that I usually take several long exposure shots, and blend them in Photoshop. I really try to play with light and shadow to try to recreate what I vision in my head,” he wrote on his website.

“My series of Architecture photos are about using negative space and simplifying complex man made creations. In a busy world I look for stillness of these creations against the beauty of the sky or isolated on its own.  Architecture photography meets fine art thoughtfully and quietly.”

His other work titled “Surface,” features the relationship between contrast, hues, and textures while creating abstract interpretations of typical seascape pictures.

For Holmen, post-processing is very important to enhancing the atmosphere and mood of the moment, giving photos extraordinary results.