Indian Artist Creates Intricate Paper Birds and Insects

When done properly, paper art can be awe-inspiring and captivating. This is the case with the works of Indian artist Parth Kothekar, who creates intricate paper art depicting birds and insects.

Kothekar’s creations are unique thanks to the complex patterns he employs in his paper art. After carving a silhouette of a subject from a sheet of paper, he proceeds to decorate the artwork with countless cuts, lines, and gaps, giving it a lace-like effect.

Kothekar got the idea for his unique paper art while experimenting with graffiti stencils. He decided to invert the original design, and his first paper artwork was born.

“The process of inverting the design and carving it from a single piece of paper is fascinating, as the final product is a mystery until the very end,” Kothekar shared in a recent interview.

Paper art was originally just a hobby for Kothekar, but it didn’t take long before he started viewing it as a profession. He now has an Etsy shop on which he sells his works while also enjoying a large social media following.

“My beautiful artworks are based on everyday aspects of life. If it is challenging, it motivates me,” the artist explains.

Check out more of his works below.