Indian Artist Draws Portraits of People He Encounters in His Everyday Life

Indian artist Akash Selvarasu is showing everyone that only a small, kind gesture is enough to bring smiles to people’s faces and make their day better.

 Selvarasu is a talented artist who draws portraits of people he encounters in everyday life. This can be a random person on a train, a waiter, or just someone who happens to be sitting in a bar. But there is a catch; these people don’t know they are subjects of his artworks.

He observes them while they do their regular activities and captures their appearances with an impressive amount of detail using just pen and paper. After Selvarasu finishes his piece, he walks up to the person and gives them the portrait as a gift.

Selvarasu captures the reactions of strangers on camera and later shares them on his social media. It is heartwarming and captivating content, considering that everyone responds with a genuine surprise followed by a big smile on their face. There is no doubt that Selvarasu just made their day and gave them a memory they will cherish for a long time.

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