Ipnot’s Hyper-Realistic Food Embroideries Look Good Enough to Eat

It’s hard not to be taken by the level of detail ipnot’s hyper-realistic embroideries contain. Known for her food embroideries, her creations are the very meaning of eye-popping, incorporating added props like a ketchup bottle that squirts threaded ketchup or a pizza that, when lifted, that has string-like cheese drooping downwards. Those add a further interactive layer to her already jaw-dropping creations.

Based and Japan, and known only by her online moniker, ipnot uses her needle as a sort of a paintbrush, stitching one knot at a time – an embroidery technique known as French knotting, in which the yarn or thread is knotted around itself. “I discovered myself that the French knot stitch can be done by wrapping thread around the needle,” she explains on her website. “I find this type of stitching to be a lot of fun to do and it is my favorite type of stitch.”

“I choose a thread of my own preference from 500 different-colored embroidery threads,” she adds, explaining the thought process that goes into her work. “As in the art of stipple painting, I use my needle like a paintbrush and I stitch one knot at a time.” According to her, she doesn’t mind the amount of time and effort that goes into each piece. “It feels like a hobby since I am having fun,” she admits.

Prepare to be amazed.