It’s All About Cats in These Cool Minimalistic Landscapes

Lim Heng Swee is a Malaysian illustrator who built a big following on social media thanks to her charming doodles and artworks. Heng Swee is quite versatile, doing webcomics, minimalistic illustrations, and drawings while taking inspiration from various sources, including music, film, and nature.

This talented artist recently started working on a series of minimalistic illustrations and noticed that the shapes and curves of the terrain reminded her lot of cats. This is when she decided she might as well let the cats take the spotlight in this series.

This resulted in cool artworks that show that cats really do make everything better.

“It’s like the surreal view you can see if you landed into a cat planet which is super cool!,” said Heng Swee of her illustrations.

Check out some of her purrfect works below.