Jack Sachs’ Illustrations Are Ahead of the Curve

Jack Sachs’ animations and illustrations are a bit wonky, just the way he likes it. Working primarily with Cinema4D, Zbrush, Sculptris, and the Adobe suite, his 3D art has caught the attention of giants like Spotify, The New York Times, Google, MTV, and Lazy Oaf.

But his unique style was actually the result of an unfortunate accident. Having trained as a traditional pen and paper type of artist, he had to upgrade his toolbox after suffering a massive injury to his drawing hand right before his final year at university. While his hand healed he learned to use 3D software as well as studying animation, which resulted in a new sort of art he’s now become recognized for.

“Everything I’ve learned so far is from free YouTube tutorials and forums,” he told Juxtapoz. “There are so many resources for people starting out in CGI and I owe a lot to the people who make that content… Coming from a design background and working in that area, I think its easier to teach yourself. Of course, there are certain jobs in CGI and animation, in general, where teaching yourself probably won’t cut it.”

“My main advice for people still studying is not to be hung up if you don’t know exactly what you want to make,” he adds. “I think it’s healthy not to have preformed ideas of exactly what you’ll do when you leave art school, but it’s still super daunting.”

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