Josh Gluckstein is Using Discarded Materials to Make Paper Animal Sculptures

Animal sculptures are not a rarity in the art world, but Josh Gluckstein is making them with materials that most other artists dismiss. He’s using discarded paper and cupboards to bring awareness to endangered species through his recyclable animal sculptures.

Gluckstein is an artist based in London, who’s been fascinated with animals for as long as he can remember. He traveled and volunteered through Asia, Africa, and South America over the years, and these experiences informed his journey as an artist.

He now specializes in capturing the essence of animals that crossed his path through life-sized sculptures made with recycled materials.

“I have continually strived to make my practice more and more sustainable, and my new collection is made entirely of recycled cardboard and paper. Its accessibility and versatility allow me to bring the animal to life and capture their character and intriguing beauty while creating zero waste,” explains Gluckstein on his official website.

In addition to putting an effort into making his artwork as eco-friendly as possible, he also hopes his body of work will raise awareness about endangered species, contributing to their preservation. His works of art often take shape of lions, elephants, and rhinos that have been hunted for years in the African wilderness.