LEGO Fan Designer Creates a Set Dedicated to Landscape Photographer Ansel Adams

Thanks to the LEGO Ideas website, LEGO enthusiasts can check out various set ideas submitted by fans or submit their own projects. If the idea is really good and reaches 10,000 votes from the website users, the company then gives the set an official review and determines whether to turn it into a commercial release.

One of the set ideas that could soon become available as an official LEGO product is the project by Nick Micheels. This self-described LEGO fan designer recently presented a set dedicated to legendary landscape photographer Ansel Adams.

Micheels, who submits his ideas under the moniker Lobster Thermidor, created a set that sees Adams operating a camera while standing on a woody station wagon. It takes inspiration from famous Cedric Wright’s photograph that depicts Adams in a similar manner.

According to Micheels, he decided to create the set after LEGO Ideas issued a challenge for their users that included building sets focused on nature. 

 “As a fan of photography and an amateur photographer myself, I knew I wanted to make a build focused on landscape photography, and I wanted to build a large format camera at minifigure scale,” Micheels told DIY Photography.

Micheels’ “The Landscape Photographer” set needs only 30 more votes to reach the 10,000 votes needed for the official review. Considering the unique idea and the attention to the details that Micheels invested into his set, it wouldn’t be surprising to see it available in your local LEGO stores sooner than later.