Lorien Stern’s Ceramic Art is Intended to Spark Joy in Your Life

Lorien Stern’s goal in life is simple but worthwhile: to create artwork that makes other people feel good. Her ceramic sculptures – whimsical, playful, and child-like – do just that. Based in Inyokern, California (a small town in the Western Mojave Desert), her brand also consists of clothing, home goods, and accessories.

One of her more outlandish creations is a ceramic shark head, which is made to hang on your wall. “I feel that sharks are misunderstood, even by me,” says Stern. “I am not a shark expert, but I am interested in how our fear can play a role in how we treat things that scare us. By making the sharks in bright colors, and with goofy expressions invited you to see sharks up close with a new perspective.”

Indeed, Stern doesn’t shy away from frightening subjects like predatory animals or even death (one series of sculptures is based around seemingly friendly ghosts). Those are explored through humoristic (sometimes goofy) lenses. “As someone who is afraid of a lot of stuff, I feel that it is an interesting challenge to bring scary subjects into a positive light,” she says.

Take a look for yourself.