Man Flashes Engagement Ring For a Month Without His Girlfriend Noticing

Proposals should be special and unique because both you and your partner will remember that moment for the rest of your lives. This is why when Edie Okoro decided to propose his girlfriend Read, he chose to do it properly.

After Okoro purchased an engagement ring, he figured the best way to propose would be to do something spontaneous. So, he kept the ring on him in case the perfect opportunity arose. A month into his quest, he was sitting on the sofa and admiring “his precious” when Read walked into the room and almost caught him. This is when he came up with the perfect idea.

In the next month or so, Okoro decided to see how far he could go by flashing the ring in front of Read without her noticing, while documenting each moment. This turned into a hilarious photo album that he ended up sharing on his social media.

Okoro’s amusing story and photos quickly went viral, and it has been shared more than 60K times in less than 10 days.

If you are wondering, Okoro didn’t get caught, but he did find the perfect moment to propose. He recently promised to tell us the entire story soon, and honesty, we can’t wait.