Marco Melgrati’s Illustrations are a Powerful Commentary on Today’s Society

Humans are constantly progressing, exploring uncharted territories, and embracing technology. But by doing so, we are relinquishing control over our lives to all the things that are supposed to make it easier. This and other challenges that today’s society is dealing with are at the focal point of Italian artist Marco Melgrati’s work.

Melgrati creates captivating illustrations that serve as a powerful commentary on today’s society. They range from criticism to satire and skepticism but always make the viewer wonder about the world we live in. 

In some of his recent works, Melgrati focused on the influence of artificial intelligence and its growing role in our lives. These illustrations imagine a dark reality in which humans will rely on technology for creativity while they do physical work.

According to Melgrati, his works are influenced by everything he sees in the world that surrounds him, and this allows him to never have a lack of inspiration.

“When I’m drawing for myself, I just do what comes to mind,” said Melgrati in a recent interview. “Recently I’m moving quite often, changing place helps me to find inspiration and have different visions of reality.”

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