Marloes De Vrie’s Illustrations Are Very Much on Point

There’s a reason why illustrator, author, cartoonist, and designer Marloes De Vrie has such a massive following online (her Instagram page alone amassed some 125k devoted fans). Her comics style of illustration (humorous, playful, and colorful) is oftentimes very much on point. “Life is too short to search for matching socks,” remarks one of her characters (designed to look like De Vrie herself), while another solemnly states: “I finally understand I have just one body.”

Working as a freelance illustrator and writer, most of De Vries’ time is spent on creating illustrations for magazines, publishers and businesses. Since 2016, De Vries makes a monthly cartoon for the union magazine NT Magazine, and writes articles about self-development for Charlie Magazine and Flow, and in 2018, she was asked to develop a new weekly comic strip for the girls’ magazine Tina.

So it comes as no surprise that she took to illustration early on. As a little girl, she’d make robots out of shoe boxes and toilet rolls and would grab every piece of paper available in the house so she could draw; and by the age 18, she was accepted to the ArtEZ School of Arts in Enschede, where she studied visual communication.

Her favorite jobs include designing book covers and creating editorial illustrations for magazines. Take a look at some highlights from her Instagram page in the gallery below:

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My year in mini-form! I made this mini-zine with some adventures that 2019 has brought me. You can make one too, just swipe to the end and see how I did it. If it’s still too confusing, find a link in my profile how I made this very simple zine. If you make one, whether it’s about your 2019 or about your plans for 2020, feel free to tag it with #myyearinminiform, or tag me, so I can find it and share it in my stories. Every early January of a new year, or sometimes by the end of December, I write down what the past year has brought me. Because I tend to forget. Sometimes I will remember the not so good stuff, and forgetting my best stuff. 2019 was a good year. It wasn’t perfect by any means, I cried a lot too. But it was better than the years before. My mental health has been quite good, after some years of struggling. I worked really hard in 2019 and learned that I want to work less hours and more purposefully in 2020. I want to focus on my own stories and create my own books. In 2019 I discovered how much being outdoors means to me and in 2020 I want to plan some more hikes in nature. I want to travel to the UK a few times because that’s the place I feel most like myself. Life is not something I want to take for granted. I think the problems the earth is currently facing shows how fragile it is. Taking better care of everything is key for me for 2020.

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